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Durgapur Is Proving Itself a Good Marketplace for the Jewellery Business

Monday, September 25th, 2017

With a huge number of industries of both the small and large scale, Durgapur has practically been a hub of many things. This industrial belt has a population of almost 522,517 people, more than 50% of which is females. Nonetheless, the market of Durgapur for any product is quite bigger.

Since the last decade, a range of new industries is flourishing in the city which has reduced the unemployment level to a great extent. This has become a boon to the people. As the marketplace of any city is totally depended on the employment ratio, it is good news for the shop owners too.

Like the other businesses, the jewellery business has been benefited by this too. A few decades ago, the gold, silver and diamond jewellery had been something unaffordable for the majority of people. It was thought that gold could be worn only by the wealthy and affluent people. But today, these precious metals and stones have come within the reach of people of all races. The jewellery showrooms in Durgapur are thus now affording a lucrative increase in the profit and most of them have expanded their business in the adjacent areas of Durgapur too.

A recent survey reveals that most of the jewellery shop owners now considering Durgapur as a lucrative market for their products for few factors. The factors are given below-

A good population
The industries of Durgapur encounter its majority of population every day. Most of the people in Durgapur have migrated and are still migrating from other parts of the state or outside the state due to job purpose. This increase in population is thought to be one of the factors of the expansion of the marketplace by the jewellery businessmen.

Festive season
Bengalis already have more than enough occasions and Durgapur loves to mould down in each festivals. Whether it’s Christmas, Holi, Durga Puja or Dipawali, the people of Durgapur celebrate them all. In addition, comes the birthday, wedding and anniversaries where people need gold, silver and diamond ornaments. Especially, the Bengali weddings can’t be completed without gold ornaments. According to the jewellers, the precious jewellery are majorly sold in Durgapur in these occasions and at the festive time.

Financial standard
Being the industrial belt, most of the people of Durgapur work in the heavy industries that Durgapur boasts of. Thus, the range of unemployment is little less in Durgapur than any other adjacent cities. As the basic needs are fulfilled, therefore, people have money in their hands to spend in the luxury of purchasing ornaments.

Schemes and offers
Last but not the least, many jewellery showrooms in Durgapur have started special offers and gold saving schemes, which have facilitated the purchase of gold jewellery for many people. The offers provide additional discount on the gold value on either making charge or market value and in the gold saving scheme, the consumer can save money for eleven month and gets the gold at discount in the last month of the year.

Gold is in demand in Durgapur. Many people love to purchase gold and other precious metals and stones almost throughout the year, which is making Durgapur a good marketplace for the gold ornaments.

Five Ways to Attract Millennials to Your Company

Monday, September 25th, 2017

It’s official: Millennials (those born from 1980 to 2000) are now the largest group in the American workforce. However, they are often the least understood. But as older workers start to retire from the workforce, it’s become more important than ever for companies to attract younger workers. Here are five tips to help you attract millennials to your company.

1. Build a culture of collaboration. Good news: Besides being tech-savvy, millennials want to be team players. In general, they prefer workplaces that thrive on collaboration, rather than competition. Since your most ambitious projects are going to be team efforts anyways, use this to your advantage by creating opportunities for teamwork.

2. Focus on the greater good. Millennials are also community minded: A major priority for many of them is improving their communities or having a greater purpose or mission driving their lives. For this reason, many millennials choose to work for businesses whose values align with their own. Even if yours isn’t a socially-driven business, voluntary community service activities can be a great way to build rapport with millennial team members while raising your visibility in the community.

3. Promote a culture of mentorship. Millennials value the idea of lifelong learning-they want to learn from experts. They also value explicit directions and feel most comfortable when they get frequent feedback. Empower your older employees to act as mentors: This could be a rewarding, productive experience for your whole team.

4. Let them follow their passions. A recent survey shows that millennials are most likely to stay with companies that give them the freedom to cultivate their interests. Companies such as Apple have had success allowing employees to dedicate a set portion of their workweek to their personal passion projects. This not only shows employees you value their creativity, it can also be a useful source of new ideas for your business.

5. Smart compensation matters. Money is just as important to millennials as it was to earlier generations: As children of the recession, millennials value security as well as novelty. Practical financial incentives attractive to them include loan and tuition repayment, along with standard benefits such as health insurance. Other benefits they appreciate are flexible work schedules as well as time off for training or personal projects.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can make your company more attractive to younger workers while saving you money. PEO companies handle all your payroll and human resources needs. They can offer your company the lowest rates on workers’ compensation insurance that are available on the market. They also administer your business’ employee benefits, so with PEO support, you can offer better health care for less.

In addition, with a PEO provider’s Human Resources expertise, you’ll have the up to date knowledge you need to retain great workers of all ages.